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Best Fishing Kayak Under $1000

What are the Top Fishing Kayaks Under 1000 Dollars?

Kayaking is full of adventure! We all have different ways of letting off steam after busy weeks or months of work; a kayaker has the waters. If you enjoy fishing, then you have perhaps thought of getting a product that will not cost you too much.

Some kayaks have been designed to serve you optimally when fishing. Shallow waters have a range of activities that you can indulge in. While others could go surfing, others love long, quiet rides. Fishing may work for you.

To get the best out of the experience, you will need a product that can reach areas that a larger vessel cannot reach. They have also been constructed to offer the best while out in the waters for long hours. You should also think about stability and durability, and a fishing kayak will provide both.

Most of these vessels, however, come at hefty prices. Among the considerations you could make before embarking on your shopping, your budget is one of the most important ones. You do not need to purchase something that you cannot afford.

On the other hand, you do not have to compromise on quality to get an affordable product—you will end up with losses. You should be glad, however, that there are fishing kayaks available at as good a price as below $1,000. 

There is a variety of them, actually, choosing the best becomes a challenge and confusing. How do ensure that you walk away with a good product for a good price? In this article, we are going to look at some of the best kayaks under $1,000 and what they have to offer.

We will also discuss some of the factors that you should consider in the course of your shopping, for higher chances of landing on a satisfactory product. Our list is as follows:

1. Wilderness Systems Tarpon

Wilderness Systems has served most kayaks with high-quality products since 1986. The product is available in a range of sizes, 10-14 feet; we are, however, going to look into the 12-feet Tarpon. What does it have to offer besides guarantee quality?

You may appreciate great maneuverability through variable conditions, and depending on your needs, speed could be an important factor. This kayak comes in an amazing design, which enhances its smooth movement through exceptional speed.

You may come to find that this kayak was built for fishing, thanks to not only its agility but also other handy features. If you are thinking of just spending time out there for hours, then they could serve you as well.

First, is its adjustable seat—it provides easy breathability and comfort, thanks to its mesh material, which has been made to go over foam. Foot braces are also a good addition; they come adjustable and make it easy to position your legs per your preference. The result is less fatigue in the course of paddling.

If you are hoping to get sufficient storage, then you may appreciate this product’s dry storage in the two hatches. Your gear can also rest comfortably in the rear storage. For customization, you get a track system and optional accessories.

Summarily, you may love this product’s adjustable seat, which provides comfort. Its molded-in rear storage helps keep your gear secure, with elastic cords. The kayak also comes with foot braces. Its self-bailing helps with remaining afloat, should you get water on the vessel.

Its capacity is enough for one, with a limit of 350 lbs. It measures to a length of 12’3”, is 30” wide, and weighs 63 lbs.


  • Comfortable, adjustable seat
  • Molded-in rear storage
  • Foot braces


  • Watch out for minor packaging issues

2. Pelican Saber Angler

If you are hoping to have a limitless casting experience, so that you can do it while either sitting or standing, then this could be the product for you. It is one of the lightest of the models we will discuss.

You may be glad that this kayak’s Canadian manufacturer has a 50-year standing on manufacturing high-quality vessels. You should find its maneuverability to be quite easy and smooth, thanks to its 50-pound weight.

Its seat is a dual position type. In the back, it has a pocket, where you can enhance the lumbar support by inserting a foam pad. It had adjustable straps, which gives you flexibility and increases comfort, while angling.

You may love its front quick-lock hatch, where you can place your equipment. If you use a fish finder, then you can secure a battery on the hatch too. Its flush mount rod holders (4), are unique and allow you to fish while you paddle.

You can go hands-free whenever you need to take a break, thanks to the rod and paddle tie-downs. It features elastic straps, which allow you to easily reach your gear/equipment. You can also enjoy a drink and place it on the bottle holder.

This kayak features a wide design, which increases stability, making it ideal for both sitting and standing when casting. It has a stand in the center, which helps when making sitting-standing transitions. It also has an anti-slip carpet for more traction.

This product provides capacity for one, with a weight limit of 325 lbs. It is 30.5” wide, measures to a length of 10’ and weighs 50 lbs.

You may find it lightweight, which makes it easily portable, enhanced by carrying handles. It has a pocket in the back of the seat for more lumbar support. Its rod holders also make it possible to fish hands-free. Like our top product, the Pelican features integrated tracks.


  • Lightweight
  • It has a pocket in the back of the seat
  • Rod holders for a hands-free experience


  • Some customers received it damaged

3. Lifetime Tamarack Angler

While our top five list features kayaks that are under $1,000, if you are hoping for something more affordable, then this product could work well for you. It is a good entry-level kayak that will not compromise on quality.

It is a sit-on-top model, which has a seat that is additionally padded on the back to enhance comfort. You will also be able to store and easily access your gear on the storage hatches, which are at both the rear and center of the vessel.

For a hand-free experience, it comes with two flush-mounted and one top-mount rod holders. If you would, therefore, like to have some lunch or take a break, then the features allow it. You can also keep your paddle secured with ease, as you cast or focus on your catch.

This product provides capacity for one, with a weight limit of 275 lbs. It measures to a length of 10’, a width of 30” and it weighs 52 lbs.

You may love its adjustable seat, which is also padded. It has flush-mounted rod handlers, which promote hands-free fishing. It also has paddle cradles for securing the paddle and storage compartments of 6”.


  • Padded, adjustable seat
  • Flush-mounted rod handlers
  • Paddle cradles included


  • A user reported a broken seat clamp after a month of use

4. BKC TK122

If you are hoping to enjoy tandem fishing, then this product by Brooklyn Kayak Company could be the vessel for you. Due to its generous sitting capacity, you can have a friend or family member with you the next time you will be going out.

That may not be a feature easy to come by at under $1,000, yet the BKC does not fail to impress! Because of the generous space, however, it also weighs more than most brands, at 770 lbs. For the gear, you may need to carry and the weight you will add on to it, you may find its weight to be reasonable.

If you are a beginner at kayaking or are more advanced, you may find this product to have the features that you need. Its aluminum-framed seats are upright, with comfortable backrests. It also features two paddle keepers, which are helpful when you are not doing any paddling.

It comes with twin watertight hatches and rod holders (four flush-mounted and two articulated). What is more, is that it has a cargo area with space sufficient for more gear and your belongings.

This product provides capacity for two, with a limit of 770 lbs. It measures to a length of 12’10”, width 34” and weighs 77 lbs.

You may find its watertight storage to be handy, available at each seat. It also features bow and stern recessed storage and flush-mounted rod handlers.


  • Watertight storage
  • Bow and stern recessed storage
  • Flush-mounted rod handlers


  • Watch out for any delivery issues

5. Sun Dolphin Boss

Do you enjoy fishing while standing? You will not be able to do it on any kayak. The Sun Dolphin Boss, however, offers just the features you need. You may find it to be heavy due to its high functionality.

Its bottom catamaran hull design provides a stable, flat platform. You can use it to fish while sitting or standing, as your preference would dictate. It is a single-hulled vessel, but its deck design enables you to not only stand but also walk with stability and comfort.

If you plan to be out for long, then you may appreciate this kayak’s fold-down seat design, which works in dual position. You may also find the foot braces to be quite handy providing the support you need while paddling.

If you will be going out with some personal belongings or need space for your gear, then you may love the product’s waterproof hatches, which are quick-lock and provide secure, dry storage. 

It features elastic bungees on the rear and front gear well, which will additionally keep your belongings and gear safe while you are fishing. For more stability when standing, this kayak has anti-slip material on the deck and a strap for extra balance.

This product provides capacity for one, with a limit of 500 lbs. It measures to a length of 12’3.5”, a width of 33” and weighs 78 lbs.

You may love the comfortable fold-down seat design, with the position. If features a catamaran hull design in the bottom, which promotes the kayak’s stability. It also provides both rear and front storage and has adjustable foot braces.


  • Catamaran hull design 
  • Rear and front storage 
  • Adjustable foot braces


  • You may find it to be heavy

Buying Guide

When looking to buy a kayak for under $1,000, there are a few factors you may want to consider. First, is why you are looking for a kayak under $1,000 and what kind of product you should expect to walk away with.

Fishing kayaks can be costly, and the price does not always mean quality. If you are running on a tight budget, then you may want to consider going for a product you can afford. It is a common notion, however, that with a low price, comes low quality. Is that always the case?

The products we have looked at have proven the contrary. There are various products available at an affordable price, and offering amazing, quality features. It is, however, important to know what to look for and what to try to avoid whenever possible.

Get a product with great stability. When fishing, on a kayak, you may want to consider the position you will be in. If you would like to stand while fishing, then you may find stability to be a great matter, following that water has turbulence and disturbances.

One of the factors that affects a boat’s stability is its design. A wide and long design is more ideal in cases where you would like to comfortably move around on your kayak while fishing. However, more factors come into consideration too, like the design of the deck, and weight of your vessel.

Heavy kayaks tend to be more stable than lightweight models. They can easily remain in place whenever you need as little movement as possible. If you are fishing on a model that allows you to stand, then you may appreciate a heavy kayak’s power.

However, with weight comes the thought on maneuverability and transportation. Will either be affected? You should expect them to be! If you feel that you will do better with stability, however, then you may have to make a few “worthy” sacrifices.

The deck design is another important consideration on stability. Not all fishing kayaks can allow you to easily and comfortably move from one point to another without toppling off. A good and sufficient deck design allows for more flexibility.

To increase stability and improve your balance, are other features like straps and even the use of non-slip materials in construction. All help make the process smooth and secure while guaranteeing the results you were hoping to achieve in kayak fishing.

You may also want to consider a kayak’s carrying capacity. Most brands will offer space enough for only one angler. If you are comfortable enough on such and can have the fun you are hoping to, then nothing should stop you.

However, a boat with a capacity for two is ideal for anyone looking to go out with company. If you would like to have a family member with you or a friend, then you should go for a kayak for two. It should provide adequate space for your equipment and possessions.

If you are going to get such a spacious piece, however, you should be aware of the weight you will have to go with in return. You should also consider the added weight of two individuals. If that will not affect maneuverability and stability, then it is a good product.

Quality construction is another factor that you may want to consider. Because you will be riding for long distances and probably for long hours, it is a good idea to go for well-constructed kayaks.

What makes a product good in construction are, among other factors, materials used. It should also be comfortable, considering that you may be out there for the better part of the day. Besides your comfort, is durability.

These factors ensure that you enjoy using your fishing kayak for a long time. While there are more considerations you could make before deciding on a product to go for, above is a good head start.

Most other things will become clearer as you pool through your options and what they have to offer. Remember to put your preferences ahead of anything else. All that said, I wish you a happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Purchasing a fishing kayak is a good decision. You, however, must have realized that it is not always the most expensive that provides the best. You can still get the most from a product you can afford.

Our financial abilities matter when shopping for a kayak. If it is too expensive, then you do not have to go for it. We have discussed some of the best fishing kayaks that you can get under $1,000. We have also gone through some of the factors to consider in the course of your shopping.

I would like to recommend that you go for Wilderness Systems Tarpon. You may love this product’s adjustable seat, which provides comfort. Its molded-in rear storage helps keep your gear secure, with elastic cords. The kayak also comes with foot braces. 

Its self-bailing helps with remaining afloat, should you get water on the vessel. Its capacity is enough for one, with a limit of 350 lbs. It measures to a length of 12’3”, is 30” wide, and weighs 63 lbs.

What more could you be looking for? Buy Wilderness Systems Tarpon today!

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